Episode 1

Episode 1

Episode 1

Schrab Home Video’s first episode! Featuring commentary on “Short Time”(1990) starring Dabney Colman, Teri Garr and Matt Frewer.

Starring Rob Schrab and Abed Gheith.

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Executive Producer: Kevin Day
Director/Producer: Nolan Fabricius
Starring: Rob Schrab and Abed Gheith.
Audio Engineer: Jake Robinson
Key Grip: Adam Garland
Still Photography: Claire Schwartz
Music by: Noved Remmah, Irritating Rainbow
Shot at: Nolan’s Garage


  1. Courtney D Parker

    Great show! Love the irony of how Rob used to bust Dan’s balls over how unprofessional his podcast was and Rob gets shut down on night one. Love it. Real people real talk. Keep it going

  2. Adam Dawes

    This was fantastic. I have always enjoyed Rob’s work behind the scenes. But I personally feel his obsurdist genius truly shines when put in front of a camera or mic.

    Keep up the awesome stuff.

  3. butt

    “The world is awful! just look at it out there!”

    “let’s open up the garage door and take a look shall we”

    *garage door opens, it actually looks kind of nice out*

    abed: “that doesn’t look so bad”

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